Happy Mail Time

I spent a good amount of time eyeing not he amazing happy mail projects by people on both Instagram and Pinterest. Then I finally decided to go for it! I posted on a planner group a search for pen pals and I was so nervous no one would answer. But so many did! Actually too many for my needs, so many other people got pen pals from the post too. Yay!

I ended up with two pen pals and now the first letters have been sent out to both. This one is for Johanna, who was the first person to respond to my post and I am so happy to have her as my pen pal!

The reason I wanted to get pen pals and make happy mail is that I simply want to spread the joy! I love making things and holding the pretty projects in my hand. And it makes me even happier to first admire it myself and then being able to send it to someone else to enjoy it. Happy mail for sure!

This mail is a flip book, 4x6 inches, made with the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. It has little pockets for a letter and also for some goodies for Johanna.
And lot's of pretty goodies from the Shine collection.