First 50

So it all started in the beginning of April. British crafter extraordinaire, Suse, started a 100 days crafting projects, the #100daysofscraptherapy. The goal was to create something everyday and collect it all in one place, binder etc.

With great enthusiasm I went for it! And boy have I been happy I did! It sure did seem like a big task ahead and there have been days I haven't been at my most creative state. But still I have managed to do it for 50 days already! And I am so happy to continue on with the next 50.

To get an idea of the whole set, here is the video of the first 50 projects.

Aah, I just love to flip through the binder! All the random pieces I've made makes up an awesome binder!

Continue reading to see a few of my favorites among the 50...